Thursday, 6 November 2014

Happy Herringbone Hallway!

Remember a couple weeks back, when Henry and I were envisioning together a completed hallway runner! Well, we finally got it done. But it sure took a while.

And why did it take so long, because we had to wait for more tiles! And all that waiting and pouring over the images I'd already taken, made me realise that there was another micro project I could do while I waited. The back entry coat hooks!

The mini back story here is that about 8 months ago, I bought some new hooks, only to be reminded by our walls that the gallery side of the hallway is concrete. And after some attempts with all sorts of concrete options, I decided to face the music and buy some of those 3M sticky hooks. And honestly, they worked fine. Until they started falling down. And for the life of me, I don't know why I never considered hanging the hooks on the other side, but I didn't, until I did. 

To note, those other holes aren't from me. So I just left them! Yep, it's a rental! But I was finally able to use the hooks I previously bought.  One additional thing I learnt from having hooks on the other side, was that they needed to be higher, so I hung these ones higher. 

And with the jackets up, and the quick pull tabs removed on the 3M hooks, it looked like this. Even Patches came to check it out. But we both were really waiting for more tiles. 

And then they finally came, and I cut them until my heart was completely content. Or the hallway was full. I think those two things happened at the same time!

And because I already had decided that I wanted it to go wall to wall, I cut a whole ton of little pieces for the sides. Which of course Henry instantly thought he needed to rest on. 

And then I had to make a hard decision, individually cut each tile so it fit the hall width perfectly, or just pretend that our hallway doesn't have quarter round moulding. Of course there was the option to pop off all the quarter round, put the carpet down, and then reinstall the quarter round on top, but come on, this is a rental! And that's at least a full Saturday, never mind when we later move and I have to do the same thing again. No thanks. And I didn't want to custom cut the pieces because then I can't use them again later, again rental reminder!

So I decided I would just pretend that we didn't have that moulding and I would cover it up with my standard cut sizes. 

And TA DA!

It's done (mostly)! I haven't resolved what to do about when it comes into the living room, but it's all down and stuck together. And as promised, our closet is still in the hallway. 

The final thing I want to do is add some additional frames to the gallery and complete it all the way to the back door! But beyond that, it's finally done! And I love the mix of colours and textures. It's a little bit of carpet heaven. Well, beyond our bedroom and our living room!