Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Spray Paint + Old Curtains = New Laundry Hampers

Remember these beauties filled with our unmentionables that I shared with you a while back (in this post actually)!

WELLLL. Way back, when it was still spray paint season, I took these laundry baskets out back and sprayed the sh*t out of them. But not just because I felt like it, but because we needed a more color-coded way of dealing with our laundry.  

And so using the paint I had, I came up with a little system. A white bin (for bleachables), a cream one (for non-bleachable whites/lights), I left one of the blue ones bright blue (for brights) and a dark blue one (for darks). And TA DA! Oh how I love spray paint!

But that still left me with the unsolved issue of visible unmentionables. And my first liner attempt had been a total fail (king sized pillow cases). And I didn't actually want to spend any money on making linings, and my fabric collection failed to provide any viable options. So I got a little more creative, and pulled out the old curtains that we had from our last apartment. And since I knew we wouldn't need them all again since we don't have enough windows for them, I decided to make basket liners out of them. Well, out of two of them (we have ten - we had a lot of windows in our last place). Here's what I basically did.

As per usual, I just started figuring it out. First, I realized I could make 2 liners from each curtain, so I chopped them in half and cut the tops off. Then I ironed them, and stitched them together. It was a bit difficult to manage the seam exposure, because you want it to be internal for the body of the liner, but external on the top, so that when you roll it over the edge, the seam is hidden underneath. But whateves. After the first one, the other three were a breeze. And it probably only took about an hour and a half to finish them. 

And since my description on how to make the liners is less than helpful, here's a little step by step tutorial I just found online that's similar to the process I went through. I should also mention, that Patches did help with this project. She totally identified a loose sting and tried to remove it!

My total budget for this project was zero dollars, and I spent zero dollars, so it's a super big win! And I'm totally loving the transformation of these baskets! Yay for spray paint and old curtains!

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