Monday, 11 August 2014

Talk Dirt(y) to Me!

Actually, the truth is there is no more dirt to talk about. Which also means that I've checked another thing off my garden list. As well, I decided to make a "this year" - "next year" swap and I changed the list around so that you can see what I've done (in black), what's left (in green) and what's coming for 2015 (in grey).

Also, you can see that I've crossed off two new items and that's exactly what this blog is about. 

Remember this guy, doing the things he shouldn't? Here he has totally forgotten I'm watching and suddenly thinks he hears my husband coming. Oh spaniel. Well, it was because of this that I decided it was time to deal with a couple of dirty spots in the yard. 

The first area is between the eating area and the back planter, while the other is much more hidden and next to the recycling bins. This might actually be his favourite spot; it is hidden by the garden boxes, making it easier to dig and not get caught. 

To deal with the first section was pretty simple. First, I pinned down the landscape fabric I had put under the carpet, as it was starting to show. I didn't add more fabric because nothing really grows there. I used pea gravel for the edges of the patio and carpets, but I'd also seen the spaniel dig through that in no time, so decided to go with a mix of bigger rocks with the pea. After clearing a little soil, I put the rocks down, mixed them together, and it was done. Oh, and I brought my sad little rhubarb plant over into the area (more about that soon).

For the second spot, I did a similar process. But instead of dealing with landscape fabric, I just pulled all the weeds out, cleared some soil (so that the gravel would be flush with the sidewalk) and laid down some stones.

Once they were in, it seemed a little bare, so I added some more rocks of a different variety. I think the first one was slate and the second one was regular gravel. The mix made it look much more complete. But someone seems upset with the final results!

It's so nice to sit out there with him now and know that he's not secretly digging a hole! Another project done. Now back to that rhubarb. Though I'd planned to find it a new home next year, I found a big planter marked down to $9.99 and I couldn't resist picking it up. 

As you can see, it's twice the size of the current pot the rhubarb is in. The process of the change over was simple, drill holes in the bottom of the pot for drainage, added some gravel (also for drainage), some additional soil, and then add the rhubarb. Done! And I know in a couple of days, it will be happier and healthier! Plus, it's big enough now to not be a tripping hazard to the person getting in and out of the end seat. 

These two quick projects mean that I only have two projects remaining for 2014! Here's the updated list.

And I've been dealing with the canopy, but still haven't resolved it. So that's in progress. Any last garden projects you're trying to finish before fall? Leave a comment and let me know. 

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