Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Drop it like it's hot! - But don't hurt yourself.

And by that I mean, take those shelves down! But be careful not to drop them on yourself or someone else. Well, you're probably wondering what the heck I'm talking about, but today's blog is all about my work office. AKA my worky worky space. I actually have two offices because I have two part-time jobs, but this office is probably, hopefully one day, going to be my real job office. And I say that, because I'M RENOVATING IT!

Which of course it's a huge joke around the office that the first thing the intern architect is doing is renovating is my office. And to be fair, I am actually working on the Emergency Department. But I was told I could make the changes I needed, and I am. Though they aren't life or death. So here's what it looked like after my first couple of days.

It's a pretty classic office. But there wasn't any space to lay out big drawings. You know the type that the architecture firm brings you to review (oh how the tables have turned in my architecture life!). So there was really only two spots with enough space to lay out drawings on, the back part of my deak, or the front part. And since my chair is massive, it was going to be super awkward to stand behind the desk with someone. So that left the front part of my desk. But the issue was that the huge cabinet on the side wall over my desk was in the way. So you know what I said, drop it like it's hot!

So now it looks like this! And I'm surprised by how much brighter and more open it is. The next thing is to not have that strange open space on the back wall. Soon, there will be a small box that fits in that space. But of course I couldn't just have it fitted, I actually want the middle one moved over, so that the little one is in the middle. And all the cabinets hung on the wall, so that there isn't a support piece breaking up the work surface.

Also, I bought a bunch of colorful pots to put on those cabinets, because I can't be a healthcare architect without making sure people have access to light and nature! I'm hoping on Friday afternoon to hit up the Canadian Tire (because it's close to work) for some tropical plants. So if nothing else, next week I should have some plant pictures. Beyond that I want to do a wall quote. Specifically this one by Winston Churchill.

I've done things like this before. Like here, when I did new wayfinding for First Unitarian. What an amazing pic right! Totally the best I had! Sorry.

Or like the one I picked and installed at ADSTV, back in the day. 

But you get the idea. I plan to do it in black, font unknown. That's why I love my silhouette, I can decide and cut and then recut if I want. But I'll probably put it above my desk. Or on the opposite wall. Because the opposite wall will have several magnetic knife stripes.

Because you know architecure is cut throat. No, that't not why. The stripes will be to hang big drawings up on. So it might be nice to have the quote above that space. Also because I'm secretly hoping that one day I'll have a massive screen above my desk to show digital models with. Though that's a big item lust, I'm also currently lusting after a whole wack of this!

Because who doesn't want to fill their desk with Poppin gems! But the next step is to start filling the space with colour and with life!

Are you lusting over any desk gems?
Got anything on your office lust list?
And I don't mean co-workers. 

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