Thursday, 2 October 2014

Late Night Workin It Wednesday

With my bazillion jobs, late night work has become my norm! But officially today, I'm no longer a research assistant (a job that I've continued even though I'm no longer a grad student). It's bitter sweet. And I'll still have some work to finish up in training the new RA's, but I also had to make a decision about my time and spending it on more design/architecture stuff. And I can't wait to really get cracking on the "Clinton House" project. But really the focus of this blog is my office. My actually office and the last time we left it, it looked like this.

Well, the exciting thing is that lots has changed and today, it officially looks like this.

And I'm so totally thrilled with how it's coming along. As you can see, my back shelves are up and I've got lots of potted plants (which I potted in my office).

You might also notice, I had a desk extension added, though it's folded down in the picture, which is for when I'm reviewing big architectural drawings. And though it's really hard to see, but beyond that, there is a cabinet door on the bottom back cabinet, so that my rolled drawings aren't just hanging out. But my absolutely favourite part of this whole thing is those two black chairs.

Which I absolutely adore! And the funny thing is that they were FREE! And though everyone in the office jokes about my old chairs, I love them. The story is that several weeks ago, we were at the another one of the Hospital's sites and there was a ton, and I mean a ton of modern furniture, just waiting to be thrown out (which is totally heart breaking to me but everyone else sees this type of stuff as garbage). So I begged my director to have these two chairs brought over for me in the next move. And guess what arrived today! MY CHAIRS! They are in perfect condition and just add so much to the space. 

Because really, what's not to love about them! They have such great shape and style. And they are light enough to move around for meetings. Many think that they were probably from an executive office of the past, which would make sense since they have barely been used. But I'm smitten with them and so glad to have them.  Plus, I'm totally plotting a furniture rescue for some other items! But shhhh! That's a secret!

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