Monday, 29 September 2014

Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes, Knees and Toes... Hands and Legs?

The last 8 weeks have been filled with ups and downs. I've loved blogging, but have run into an interesting road block - my hands! For the last while, I've been struggling with a couple of cases of Dyshidrosis, which is an incredibly painful type of blistering eczema.
And though that isn't the prettiest picture I've ever posted, it is where I'm at. I've been to the dr. twice with no successful results, I've tried eliminating dairy and wheat from my diet, and now I'm trying some hard core probiotics. I can't use cream on it, as it only makes it worse, and so have resorted to some ointments. But between the itching, the swelling and the pain, it's difficult to do much of anything. I'm lucky that the swelling hasn't progressed to the point that I'm unable to work. But my fine motor skills of pen and fork holding are really painful. It's been heart breaking for me to not get to work on all the projects that I've wanted to. And to be honest, I'm going a little stir crazy not making things. So I figure I can still do some things, and I will, and I'll also blog more about other things, like what's happening in our neighbourhood, little adventures we take and stuff that I'm loving on line. And I'll keep working away on projects that I can. Which leads me to the second piece of this blog title - LEGS! And not my legs - couch legs. 

As I've shown before, we have two Klippan couches in our living room. And of course, they came with beautiful metal legs (please hear my sarcasm). Okay, so they weren't horrible, but they weren't pretty either. 

And since now there are so many custom options for these couches, like Bemz covers, I couldn't help but lust over some new legs from Pretty Pegs. And it didn't take much searching on their website to fall in love with these three styles. 

And though I like the pop of colour they can bring, I was totally into changing out my silver legs for black ones!

After much consideration, I decided that the chunky middle one was my fav. The final step, as per usual, was to convince my husband they were worth the $200 splurge. 

And that's where this project came to a screeching halt. For the first time, in a long time, he was a no on the legs. Not that he didn't like them, because he did. He just wasn't willing to part with the money to get them. Keeping in mind we bought the couches for $300 each. But for me, a no is just a little word with a deep desire to be a yes! So I began a new hunt for cheaper legs. And all it took was one stop at the ETSY store to find exactly what I was looking for. 

With a price point of 4 legs for less than $50, that "NO" to new legs became a "YES"! And this shop had lots of style options. 

And since I'd previously settled on a square taper, I ordered two sets of black square tapered legs for under $100! Score!
Now just to get them and get them installed!

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