Monday, 6 October 2014

Run, Run, Runner! A Hallway Runner!

Since carpeting the bedroom and the living room, our hallway floor has just seemed so empty and sad. Even with the bright walls, and the smiling faces of our loved ones, it just seems bare. And for a space that connects every room in our apartment, I thought it was time to add a little warmth with a carpet runner.

I started with some basic measuring and sketching to figure out just how many tiles we would need. It turns out that our hall is 1 + 3/4 of a tile wide and 14 tiles long. So for a wall-to-wall runner, I would need around 25 tiles and for a 1 + 1/2 tile runner, I would need 21 tiles.

So, I put down some random carpet samples that I hadn't yet returned. Because this was a simple experiment, I cut nothing and went with the 1 + 1/2 style. And for the most part it was ok. It served the purpose of warming up the hall and making it acoustically less of a tunnel. But it wasn't that interesting. And those side pieces collected a whole ton of dog and cat hair, which meant endless vacuuming.

But Henry made the best of the additional vacuuming time, by doing this. Which I'm not even sure why he needs to smell the vacuum but he did and of course that's why we call him Helpful Henry! But even with all his funny antics, the hallway was still a bore. And after several months of thinking about different designs, I decided, why not just cut some pieces up and work something better out. Because that's how I roll! 

And so by cutting up some project scrapes, I came up with this. But because I didn't have enough tiles, it ended up like this. 

Plus, many of these are samples that I need to return. That's why I didn't cut it to fit perfectly, and I'm also not totally sold on it being done because I need to hunt down a couple more cheap tiles to fill the gaps. I also totally want more colour and less grey. But all in all, a vast improvement to what it was. And I'm totally sold on having it go wall-to-wall.

Now for some serious cheap carpet tile hunting!

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