Tuesday, 29 July 2014


It's been a big year for the garden already, since it looked like this in MAY. But as per usual, I continue to find new projects to add to my list, even though the garden is feeling more and more finished. Here's the list I started with:

Yet, just the other night, my husband suggested that maybe the garden was done. And that just maybe I could stop working in it and start enjoying it. Well, I was internally outraged! Done enough for now! What the What! There is so much to do! But he had a point, and he made another suggestion, that I consider completing a couple more items off my to do list and then call it a year. After much internal struggle I decided he's right and came up with a revised list. The green items are the ones I'll finish this year and the grey items are on hold until next year. 
These last few seem do-able, since some of them I've already started to make some head way on, like finishing the last piece of the sectional! Which, I'm sure will get a throwback thursday at some point, since I did build the majority of it last year!

But for now, I don't mind working slowly away at the last couple of tasks. And my husband's right, when am I going to start enjoying our beautiful garden!

Side Note Update: We've got so much going on over here and lots of decisions being made about a whole bunch of things. One of them being a whole house renovation that's in the design phase that I want to start sharing with you. And though I promised carpet on Friday, I still haven't had a chance to finish our new living room rugs, but hopefully I'll have it for you soon! Because I know you can't get enough carpet in your life either.


  1. Look at how much that moss has grown! Looks amazing, Lady!

    1. Thanks! I thought we'd be well into next year before it really took off, but I guess not! I'm also going to start doing a little subdividing, to fill in the big blank space!