Monday, 21 July 2014

Bedroom Storage - Part 2 - Manic Monday!

It's just another manic monday, as I try to sort out all that we've got done this weekend and figure out how to share it without completely overwhelming you. Let's start with something pretty simple: some decisions about storage. As I told you last week in this post, we are looking to make some changes to deal with our bedroom storage issues. And all it took was one trip to Ikea to have us rethinking last week's plan. Plus, I'd totally forgotten to add new bedding to the list. No sheets = No sleep!

Here's my updated plan:

 On our Ikea adventure, we discovered this:

I'd previously thought about PAX as an option for a wardrobe, but the price tag quickly made it not a possibility. However, a single corner unit could be in our budget and would be a great solution for our hanging storage because it wouldn't take up too much room. And let's face it, our bedroom corner is currently storing a piece of art that needs to have some decisions made about it (more on that tomorrow). 

But the jury is still out on if we need it. But I'll give it a checkmark on the list, because I've decided! Having it would also allow us to get rid of a dresser, which I'm all for. But with the bed remaining the top priority, the wardrobe will have to wait. So back to the bed.

We did decide on this bed frame:

Which I plan to end up doing something like this to, but probably with a different leg, or no legs. 

We now just need to fully decide on a mattress. We did jump around (jump, jump!) on a couple at Ikea but we're undecided. Because that's kind of a big commitment and I definitely need to do a little more jumping around before I'm ready to decide on something. However, that doesn't mean I'm not totally on the hunt for new sheets, and duvet covers. Also, I'm soo on the hunt for headboard ideas. 

Here's what I'm in love with right now:

I'm thinking of some combination of behind and above, in an asymmetrical way. And something kind of simple, that's not too over bearing. I'm starting to come to terms with the idea that I need to build it. There isn't much out there I love, so it will probably be a combination of components mashed together into something I want. But then again, isn't that everything I build. 

P.S. The bedroom carpet is almost done. I just need to stick it down in a couple spots and finish the post for it! Let me just say, it's mashed together alright!

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