Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Tiles vs Tiles - Quilting Edition.

Last week, I shared this image of our dear little spaniel Henry welcoming the floor tiles. 


Which began arriving to cover this:

But what I didn't share with you was how pumped up I was getting after finding more and more images of cool tiled carpets. Like these two:

Which got me thinking about how carpet tiles are very similar to quilting squares. I had definitely pinned some quilts that I loved, but I would never have the time to make them. These three are some of my favorites:

And then I found this image:

Beyond the cute little human and the large friendly dog, the image has a tile pattern I fell in love with and that is super crazy simple. All you have to do is cut the tiles either in half, or in quarters.

 Like this:

 And then sort them out like this:

Or something like that. I decided to start in the corner where the bedroom door is and work my way out from there. Within 10 minutes my safe cutting practices were being evaluated by Henry, which, of course, were to spaniel code as I was using a sample tile as my cutting mat on top of the dresser. 

And after about two hours of cutting and placing, and then replacing, and then replacing again because those two blues are too close to the same colour, it was done!

And it wasn't long before the new carpet was officially approved for spaniel napping. 

Also, this final image shows my secret art shame (that I mentioned yesterday), which is a full body cast of myself that's covered in broken mirror and just hanging out in our bedroom. All because once upon a time, I went to fine art school and didn't have the heart to throw it out when we moved to the city. But if there is ever to be a PAX wardrobe, I will have to part with the glass woman. But that's for another day!

And just when you thought this was the end of my carpet tile obsession, it's not. The next two posts will show you two different projects! Maybe I could even do three posts! All carpet tile, all week! It's absolute heaven over here!

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