Monday, 20 October 2014

Where there's a will, there's a leg!

Just a couple of weeks ago my sofa looked like this...

But now it looks like this, thanks to a super find on Etsy.

Remember a couple of weeks ago, when I shared about finding these legs and getting a green light from my husband to get them. Well they arrived and I got them installed. The whole process was suppose to be super easy. Flip the couch over, unscrew the old legs, screw in the new ones, and then flip it right side up. Done! And that's totally how it worked out for the first couch. But the second one just didn't want to be that simple. And as soon as I started having problems screwing the new legs in, I remembered that 7 years ago, we had similar problems with one of the couches and we decided to live with it because the ikea was 2 hours away and we'd had the couch delivered (essentially no way to exchange it). If you look closely, you can see in the image below that some of the legs aren't  bolted down, like the one in the top right hand corner. There is a gap between the leg and the couch. 

And that's because the bolt wouldn't thread properly. And it had nothing to do with the new legs.

So after trying to screw it in without wrecking the threading, I decided to just pull the embedded nut out. Which wasn't too hard, I actually just pryed it out with the nail puller on the back of my hammer. But then I needed to find a way to secure the bolt inside the couch, and you know, it just so happens that the wing nuts inside the couch, also fit the legs.

So I decided to steal some of them to hold the legs on with. 

And the reason I stole the wing nuts for the legs, rather than just use regular nuts, is that there isn't enough space inside of the couch to manouver a wrench to tighten a bolt. Only enough room for my hand, so the wing nut was perfect. 

But it did mean that I needed to replace the stolen wing nuts with regular nuts.

Once I solved the nut and bolt problem, everything turned out! The other thing that I did was change out the sliders on the bottom of the legs. I originally thought that the felt would be fine, but once they came, I didn't like the look. So for $3.50 each I bought to 2 packs of metal sliders, and just nailed them in place. You can order the legs with metal sliders, and if doing it again, I would have just done that. But you have to agree, the metal makes them look even more handsome. 

Now I just need to sew some new pillow cases, and the couch upgrades will be complete!

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