Saturday, 18 October 2014

Sprayin It Saturday

One thing I love about design is that sometimes it takes the smallest action to have a huge result. And actually, I love small actions with big results. That's why I'm so infatuated with carpet tile. But I have a second secret love - spray paint! 

I love how quickly it goes on, how clean the applications final appearance is, and how bold the colors can be, and how amazing the transformation can be. But of course there are some serious down sides to spray paint, like the fact that it's bad for the environment and its insane off gasing. But beyond trying to kill the world and everyone who lives in it, it's pretty amazing. And I'm totally in love with it.   For example, I found this cute/creepy cat ceramic which I thought would be less creepy and more cute if it was all one colour. WHITE.

And so I sprayed it down with a couple of coats of white. And voila.

A less creepy ceramic animal. And though I'm not a great lover of ceramic animals, I thought this little cat would later be perfect next to our cat memory frame (which is a frame filled with images of all the cats we've had in our life). I guess this guy is kind of like a little angel cat. 

The second thing I sprayed was these babies. 

Which I got for FREE! But their base was not so nice. So I did the classic on them. BLACK. But first I had to wrap and tape them up. 

Then I sprayed them with a couple of coats at my makeshift spraying station. And they came out looking like this. 

I like the spray turned out and since they will probably end up on a high shelf, I'm not worried about people seeing the brown inside base. I've also been wondering if I shouldn't have gone with something more interesting for a colour. But then again, I can always spray them again.  I did get some new candles for them, but I want to find the right spot for them before I show you them in the house. But now I have my sights set on spraying these. 

Which are the laundry bins that you saw labeled in our bedroom floor plan. We bought them at Target a couple of months back, and I loved them because I knew I could spray them later if I wanted. And I had bought some king sized pillow cases to fit into them, so you wouldn't see our unmentionables.  But it turned out that they weren't big enough to fold over the top. So for the last couple of months, they have looked like this. Plus we some how struggle to keep the sorting clear. I'd like to have the baskets colour coded. One would be white (for bleachables), then a cream one (for non-bleachable whites/lights), a bright colored one (for brights) and then a dark colored one (for darks). And since I have enough spray paint to make this happen, you better believe I'm off to make it happen.

Well, off to start another project! 

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