Thursday, 14 August 2014

Baby Got Back - A Backyard Table That Is!

We love having people over, but our table situation wasn't exactly the most desirable. It was more like a game of tetris, with trying to fit friends and food on those small white tables. So, the table started out as a number 1 priority and since I'm man-handy (as we say amongst my friends) my first inclination was to build something. So, as per usual, I set off to find some interesting images and gather ideas! Pinterest to the rescue. And I came up with these.

What I discovered is that I like when the top and the base are different materials and show that difference. As well, I love the use of colour in the last option. But I was also keenly aware that I don't weld or do any form of metal work. And though I could put some wood together, a metal base would be a little bit more complicated. Then I remembered that we had bought our desk legs at ikea, and that I could probably use something from there. So, I headed over to the ikea website to peruse their desk bases. And low and behold, look what I found.

Which was perfect for letting me add my own top, and since it was metal it would be able to withstand the outdoor elements. Never mind the price! Totally worth it. And even getting 2 wouldn't break the bank at $40. So I picked them up and all I had to do was put them together. So in my usually disorderly way, I set up a little workshop and screwed them together. Super simple!

Once the first table was together, I laid out some 1 x 6's and used it as a work station to put the other table together. I also used the flipped over table as a measuring guide for my 2 x 4, which I planned to attach all those 1 x 6's together with. I decided to cut two pieces of 2 x 4, one for each end, and to a size that would fit within the frame.

I decided to screw the pieces together from the underside, as to not create any screw holes in the top itself. I also decided to go with (4) 1 x 6's and (2) 1 x 4's, to give the top a little more interest. But also, as I was attaching the 2 x 4, I really got a sense of how warped some of the wood was, so I decided to really inset one piece of the 2 x 4, and keep all the warped-ness (yep, that's a word) to one side. My plan was to later trim off that really wonky wood. 

But so far I haven't gotten to that. And I'm not actually sure that's what I want to do now. I think with another piece of 2 x 4 and some better securing, I might be able to straighten them out. Maybe I'm just dreaming. Here's what it looks like just completed.

And though it looks done, the table is still on the garden list because of it's incomplete top. I need to secure it again/better and then I want to add some sort of paint detail. Like the bright stripe in the pinterest image above. But I'm also thinking more about something pretty because of the rug pattern. Here's what it looks like now, with a little age. Oh how I love that grey tone it has developed. Now how to keep that and add some interesting design.

Any ideas, do you have any favourite patterns or stencils! I'd love to know.

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